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3 Way Power Adapter

This 3-pack outlet power adapter is top-notch for charging up to three devices at once, it's got a grounded outtake wall tap ul listed, so you can feel confident that 2 pack outlet 3-prong 3-way power adapter is safety packed. Plus, it comes with two products, so you can deal ever.

3 Way Power Adapter Amazon

This 3 Way power adapter is fantastic for use your home-theater projector with your car, it’s a top-of-the-line alternative to share an image while sitting in your car, and can also be used while driving. The charger grants an 12-volt input and an 24-volt input, so you can charge your power supplies while driving, this 3 substitute power adapter is an outstanding substitute for admirers that have cigarettes or other items with winches. The power adapter can help power devices like machines and tools, the adapter can also handle dual usb charging of devices. It includes an 12 v input and an 23 w output to charge devices like the iphone 6 plus and 6, it also doubles as a splitter for charging other devices. This ac power socket is a top-rated solution for use 3 outlets with a third outlet being left unplugged, the 3-pronged plug allows for effortless insertion and removal of other outlet objects, while the ul grounded ac feature allows for best throughout your home.