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4 To 8 Pin Cpu Power Adapter

This cable is for adding power To your gaming computer with the added of To Pin Cpu power adapter, this adapter converts To an 12 v power for your device making it sterling for use during gaming. The adapter also includes a converter for wall adapter connection which makes it facile To use.

4 Pin To 8 Pin Cpu Power Adapter

This Cpu power supply cable offers an 5-outputs/8-inputs surrogate for connecting a variety of processor boards, for 1-2 processors, 3-5 processors, and 6-8 processors, the power cable also includes an eps cable jack for attaching an external graphics card or problems with this product this Cpu power supply cable is designed To allow connection of an 3-5 th and 8-th processor, or an 6-8 th processor, with an attached computer. It comes with an eps cable jack for attaching an external graphics card or device, this cable is designed To allow two intel xeon 5 ines or 8-core processors and an accompanying pci-e power adapter To be working together. The cable grants a male pci-e port for adding an extra drivable computer, or for adding an extra gpu To the system, the female pci-e port is for when someone wants To handle the power adapter with a different graphics card. This cable is furthermore versatile for other devices such as a phone, fitbit, or an entertainment device, this is an 4-pin To 8-pin converter that allows you To operate your 8-pin motherboard with an 4-pin power supply. The converter despair does not have any moving parts and is really smooth so it won't get caught up in my motherboard, the cable is additionally independently weatherproof. This acpi-enabled power adapter is designed To allow your compatible motherboard To draw power without needing of its own, the four-pin Cpu power adapter mum energy efficient when used in conjunction with our neo-compatible motherboard, you can enjoy free days of gaming or sustained operations with our charge-life features.