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Avaya B179 Power Adapter

This Avaya b 179 poe injector power supply is for the Avaya 96 x1 b 179 b 189 j 129 deskphone and can help you power up your device without the need for power, this poe injector is straightforward to adopt and is designed to look similar to the poe card in your computer. It effortless to find and is a top-of-the-heap addition to store.

Avaya B179 Power Adapter Walmart

This Avaya B179 poe injector power supply is for the Avaya 96 x1 B179 deskphone, this power supply can power up to 3 devices at the same time. It comes with wick and a50 encoder, it can be used to power up your device or to charge your device. This ac adapter for the Avaya B179 is for use with the company's power supply charger, this charger is specific to this device and does not work with other devices. This is especially important conceding that using the B179 device, as the power supply for this device is based on a rechargeable battery, make sure the power adapter you order fits well and when you are using it. Our ac adapter for the B179 is brand new and comes with a doomed, this card enables better power use than what is available from other brands. The ac adapter includes a xt60 connector for effortless use with your computer, the charges the battery in the device quickly and efficiently. This power adapter is likewise folding design which makes it facile to carry with you wherever you go.