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Casio Keyboard Power Adapter

This Casio Keyboard power adapter is an 9 v power supply adapter for the Casio piano Keyboard ctk-2100 ctk-574 charger, it helps users recharge their Keyboard with the help of wall power and data connections. The Casio Keyboard power adapter also helps in providing power to Casio digital audio players ctv-2100 ctv-574 and ctv-2100 ctv-574.

Casio Keyboard 9v Power Adapter

This Casio Keyboard 9 v power adapter is for compatible with the Casio wk-3200 wk-3300 piano keyboard, it provides 12 v ac adapter power for the piano keyboard. Casio wk-1200 electric Keyboard with Casio csc-1 battery charger our Casio wk-1200 ac adapter for the electric Keyboard of your computer will help you stay connected and power up your machine, the Casio csc-1 battery charger is included with the product, so you can stay connected and your computer with no power left over. This Casio electronic Keyboard power adapter is for the ad-12 electronic keyboard, it is an us plug adapter that helps to supply power to the keyboard. When the Keyboard is in use, the power adapter will turn on and continue to supply power to the keyboard, this adapter power cord is for 9 v ac power supplies and can help powered up to a Casio wk-3000 or wk-1630 with a midi keyboard. The 9 v ac power adapter for Casio wk-500 or wk-500 midi Keyboard can also be used with the wk-3000 or wk-1000 with an ac adapter.