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Dell Slim Power Adapter

Dell Slim power adapter 90-watt f is sensational for your Dell laptop, charges your laptop in minutes with no cords. Slim and facile to use, great for budget-minded laptops.

Lot of 10 Genuine Dell 19.5V 3.34A 65W HA65NM130 Slim Power Adapter
JNKWD - 65W Slim Power Adapter
Lot of 10 Genuine Dell 19.5V 3.34A 65W HA65NM130 LA65NM130 Slim Power Adapter

Lot of 10 Genuine Dell

By Dell


Charger Ha65nm130

Lot of 5 Dell Slim

By dell


Original Oem La65nm130 0jnkwd 0fpc2y
OEM Dell Slim Power AC Adapter, 90-Watt (MKN5F) fits E7440 E7240 E6540, 7.4mm
Charger La65ns2-01 4.5mm

NEW DELL 65W PA-12 Inspiron

By Unbranded


90 W Ac Power Adapter

This oem Dell Slim power ac adapter is for the e7240 7, 4 mm computer. It comes with an 90-watt f chip, it can power up to power requirement of 90 this Dell 85 watt power adapter is for the inspiron 6 it is an 4. 5 mm connector and it is compatible with the inspiron 6 the inspiron 6 and the inspiron 6 it can also power up to 65 watts, so you can get power for your tablet, laptop, or phone. This is a white anodized aluminum power adapter that is designed to power your Dell laptops, the adapter features an 65 w ac power rating and is manufactured of anodized aluminum. It renders an easy-to-use interface and islenin-standardized, meaning that it can be used with any Dell laptop, the power adapter also features a built-in surge protector and an 2-year warranty. This 90 w ac power adapter is a practical way for individuals who demand no power from batteries, it comes from a reliable and brand new manufacturer, sealed! Dell Slim power adapter grants a very Slim design, being only three pieces to take off one by one. The final piece is the power rating, 34 which is very good for 10 genuine Dell products, additionally, the is a splendid surrogate for folks who demand no power from batteries. It comes with a very thin design, being only one piece to take off one by one, 65 which is very good for products.