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Ikea Lamp Power Adapter

This Ikea power adaptor with light Lamp 12 v ac is unrivalled for use without an outlet! It comes with an adaptor that includes a light Lamp and an 12 v ac input, this makes it basic to operate with other appliances or lights without having to remove the adaptor and connect to the outlet.

Ikea Lamp Power Adapter Ebay

This is and for Ikea lamps, it is manufactured out and is not a charger. It is a power adapter thats for use with Ikea lamps, the isolation for Ikea lamps is not very high, so you should not use this device without an Ikea Lamp power adapter. This Ikea power adapter is for the under power-adapter, org lighting. It is manufactured of plastic and renders a blue light under it, the power adaptor helps you to charge your Ikea Lamp without having to carry around a power adapter. This is an ac adapter for the model teac-41-121000 u class 2 transformer power supply, it comes with a data sheet and product code. It is required to power a modelteac-41-121000 u class 2 transformer power supply on an electrical outlet, the ac adapter helps to reduce power consumption and keep the device working at its best. This Ikea power adaptor with light Lamp 12 v ac adaptor is first-class for use with your favorite Ikea power supplies, it comes with a cover to keep your power adaptor safe and clean, and features a cool light Lamp which will show you the type of power supply it is using. The adaptor also features a built-in light, so you can see how much power it is using, the adaptor is compatible with all Ikea power supplies, and can be used with 12 v ac power.