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Liteon Power Adapter Pa 1450 26

This is a genuine pa-1450-26 power adapter for the acer aspire laptop, it will allow your laptop to draw power from the wall at 1450 labs. This power adapter comes with an 1450.

Liteon Power Adapter Pa 1450 26 Amazon

This is a genuine pa-1450-26 power adapter for the acer aspire device, it will allow your device to get power when you're not online, without the need to purchase a power adapter. This is a genuine for acer charger ac power adapter pa-1450-26 19 v 45 w 5, 5 mm tip. It is manufactured from durable plastic and extends an 13000 powerless rating, it is moreover backward-compatible with the series. This device can handle up to 26 volts, making it an ideal way for use with powered devices, if you have a genuinepa-1450-26 laptop ac adapter 19 v 2. 37 an 45 w with 5, 7 mm tip, you can use it to power your device. This product offers an 1450-26 id value and is produced from durable materials, it is apa 1450-26 compatible and imparts an 26 watt hours battery life. The power adapter for the acer charger is an exceptional way for enthusiasts who adore to play games or use their device as a phone charger, this adapter is produced from genuine materials and presents a length of 1450 weakened 26 v 45 the light weight and large size of genuine pa-1450-26 laptop ac adapter makes it straightforward to carry around, even for large devices. The adapter also supports 5, 5 mm tip technology, which makes it effortless to charge your devices without having to worry about heat.