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Tivo Bolt Power Adapter

This Tivo Bolt ac adapter is for the ac adapter version of the device, it is not for the variants.

Tivo Bolt Power Adapter Amazon

This Tivo Bolt power adapter is for use with the Tivo bolt, Tivo Bolt tv, or Tivo maven tv devices, it is furthermore compatible with compatible devices from the apple iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. When used with a power cord, 12 v ac adapter is can provide power for up to 240 devices, when used with the included power cord, this Tivo Bolt power adapter is compatible with other Tivo Bolt devices, such as the Tivo maven tv and the apple iphone. The oem white Tivo Bolt ac power adapter cord is a tested work and we have quality reports that show it works, it gives an 3-year warranty. The Tivo ac power adapter vu is a black Bolt tested, it comes with the product key and product number. It is associated with the Tivo tv brand, the ac power adapter is available in americas and europe. It is said to provide up to 40% power when connected to a tv, the Tivo Bolt 1000 gb dvr streaming player comes with an 12 v ac adapter charger. This product supports Tivo products such as the Bolt 1000 gb dvr streaming player and the power supply, the charger allows these products to v ac adapter charger for Tivo Bolt 1000 gb dvr streaming player.