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Vive Power Adapter

This is an electric power adapter for the htc vive, it provides ac power for the base station 1. 0 2, 0 lighthouse. This is practical for use with the Vive pro and other base stations that use this type of power.

Vive Pro Link Box Power Adapter

The Vive link box provides an 30-watt power adapter for your vive, making power up to 3 a per vive, this is fully compatible with the vive, meaning that you can easily connect and power up your vive. Additionally, the box provides a built-in 2, 0 class-complaint heart rate strap, making it a sterling tool for student or anyone who wants to operate their Vive without having to take off their wearable. This Vive power adapter is for the device's base station, which provides power and to your vive, the ac adapter extends a green light to indicate battery life, and can be ac'd to provide power even to lower end laptops. The ac adapter also includes a built in fast ac adapter which will give you up to 2 hours of power on the Vive with out needing to be charged, the best alternative to connect to your htc Vive vr link box is to an outlet connected to the ran account. Are you searching for a quality, affordable Vive power adapter? Go through our strains of htc Vive vr link box power adapter, our variety includes models that fit many phones and devices. Our adapter is top-quality for an admirer who needs power on or off-menu, the htc Vive vr link box power adapter is moreover ready to be attached to your phone's battery. So you can stay connected and enjoy your game or movie without like with another device.