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2xl Robot Power Adapter

This 2 xl Robot power adapter is a new power supply adapter for the talking Robot 8 track tape cord, it is compatible with the robot, and can power it through. This power adapter is a must-have for any Robot collection.

2xl Robot Power Adapter Amazon

This is an 2 xl Robot power adapter for the tiger 2-xl talking robot, it can power the talking Robot with from 2 to 4 volts. The adapter imparts an ac adaptor so it can be used in larger homes or businesses, this is an ac adapter for the mego 2 xl talking robot. It supply power for the robot, and supports 8 track tape cords, the 2 xl Robot power adapter is a metric machine with an 2 xl talk Robot track cord and an 2 xl wheel. The adapter provides power for your robot's wheel and talk Robot sounds, the adapter also renders a metric choice for options like dual battery tray. The adapter is version 1, 0 and renders a metric price at $8. This is an 2 xl talking Robot cassettes tape player, it is compatible with ac adapter and 2 xl battery. The player can play cassette tape up to 3 hours in length.