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Razer 100w Power Adapter

This is an 100 watt ac adaptor for the rc30-03100, it is top-of-the-line for europe or us carrying applications.

Razer 100w Power Adapter Amazon

This Razer 100 w power adapter is first-rate for acer aspire one, boardman, henderson, journey, laptop series and many other laptops that have 2 outlet and need ac power, it comes with 30-0310 ac power unit, which can charge your Razer blade laptop with 20 the power adapter is furthermore compatible with 5 a power input, so you can easily power up your laptop with this one. This charger is an 100 w adapter that lets you on the go with no power requirements, the brand is known for their high-quality laptops and genuine Razer gaming laptop charger ac adapter is no different. This charger comes with a micro-usb port, so you can charge your laptop up close and personal, the 20 v 5 an 100 w power adapter as well ready for use when you simply have to make sure you've got power when up your next project. This ac adapter is designed to connect routers to your electrical devices, it extends 100 watt output and can compliant with the us national standard for electricity. It is conjointly compatible with the swiss and german versions of the router, this is an 100 watt ac adaptor for the rc30-0310 smart phone. This adaptor can also be used in parallel with the rc30-0310 to create an 100 watt power adapter, this adaptor extends a standard 3 in 1 connector that allows for connection of batteries, mods, and consoles. This adaptor is fabricated from durable materials that will last long in the environment.