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Ridgid 44468 120v Ac Power Adapter

If you're scouring for an energy-efficient power adapter, you need one with an 16, 4 foot cord. That's what's coming from the 44468 120-volt Ac power adapter, it's top-notch for today's environment.

Ridgid Ac Power Adapter

This Ridgid tool company's 16, 4 foot cord length Ac power adapter is first-rate for use in new construction or anywhere else where you might need to connect power to from a modular or other electrical panel. This bits power adapter comes with an 16-foot cord, so you can easily connect it to the wall outlet you choose, this Ridgid 44468 120-volt Ac power adapter is an 16. 4 foot cord length cord that is designed to handle high current levels, it comes with a wall wart, phone charger, and 5- amps Ac power. This tool adapter is first-rate for the home and small office owner who need power for their equipment, or want to operate a longer cord. It imparts an 16, 4 foot cord length and is a quality product. 4 foot cord length Ac power adapter that is best-in-the-class for attaching to a powered device, the adapter features a black anodized aluminum design and is produced with an 6-1/2 foot cord. The adapter also includes a Ridgid tool company logo on the front, the adapter grants a black anodized aluminum finish and is practical for attaching to a powered device.