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Razer 165w Power Adapter

This Razer 165 w power adapter is an outstanding substitute for individuals with a laptop that needs power, the adapter offers a standard 3 in 1 connector, ethernet, usb 3. and 3100 mah battery, this power adapter also supports and is compatible with the razer.

Razer 165w Power Adapter Replacement

This Razer 165 w power adapter is an exceptional replacement for your old one and will allow you to get power to your computer from the comfort of your home, the replacement part is the rc30-0165 and contains a power cord, accessory pack and a case. This Razer blade rz09-0195 ac power adapter 165 w 19, 8 v 8. 33 a rc30-0165 is a good alternative for your laptop if you need power, the power adapter is fabricated with a brand new, original Razer blade in mind so you can feel confident that you're getting a quality product. This adapter also includes our included 20-foot cables which make it straightforward to get power to your laptop, the Razer 165 w power adapter is a top-of-the-line way for use 175 w power supplies. It provides power for devices up to 19, 8 volts, and it's thinnest part is only at 0. 33 watt per watt, its 30-degree power outage angle means you can use it on delicate supplies or most any else with a long cord. This is a genuine Razer 165 w power adapter charger, it comes with a rc30-0165 battery case. The Razer 165 w power adapter is a practical alternative for getting power from an electronic device, the adapter also features an 19. 8 v 8, 33 a rating and is manufactured with high quality materials. This charger is sure to provide power to your device.